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Hate Getting Your Picture Taken? 

single tooth dental implant

Are you embarrassed by your smile? Losing even just one tooth can affect your emotional well-being and self-confidence. Additionally, missing teeth can hinder your ability to eat and talk properly.


When a tooth falls out, it leaves a gap that can cause the other teeth around it to start to shift out of place. Without the tooth's roots, bone loss can start to occur, which can lead to a sagging facial structure and other dental issues. Properly cleaning crooked teeth is challenging since it can be hard to get between them with a toothbrush and floss. Excessive plaque buildup can then lead to gum disease cavities, and infection, which are precursors to additional tooth loss.

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants can help address all these issues! Dr. Oshidar has been masterfully placing dental implants for more than eight years. He has restored thousands of smiles – making them beautiful, functional, and healthy again!

Contact our Bayville, NJ location today to schedule a dental implant consultation and take the first step in making your smile beautiful again.

single tooth dental implant

Understanding the Single Tooth Dental Implant Process

Before any dental implant treatment can be started, it is important to determine if you are a good candidate for implants. We will assess several risk factors such as how much bone loss you have and if you smoke. Then, we will take a CT scan to review your current dental health. Next, we will create a new tooth root by placing the implant (the part that looks like a screw) into your jaw. This helps to preserve the surrounding healthy jawbone. Once the implant is stable enough, we will create a ceramic crown custom matched to your teeth and return your smile to its former strength and beauty!

single tooth dental implant

What Will it Cost to Get a Single Tooth Implant?

While dental implants may be expensive for some, the old adage still rings true: you get what you pay for. Implants are the best treatment to replace missing teeth! If you want the best for yourself, consider dental implants. They are a long-lasting solution that will give you back the quality of life you deserve!  The value of regaining confidence in your smile’s appearance and functionality is worth the cost.  

We also accept almost all major dental insurances and offer flexible payment plans so that you can get that smile you've been wanting! What are you waiting for? Schedule a dental implant consultation and take the first step in restoring your smile.

dental implant bridge

What is the Difference Between a Dental Implant and a Bridge?

The main advantage of dental implants is that the implant can be placed without touching any of the healthy surrounding teeth.  While dental bridges have been used for years to replace missing teeth, they require the alteration of healthy neighboring teeth in order to support the placement of the bridge. It is ideal to avoid causing unnecessary damage to healthy teeth whenever possible. With the advancement of dental treatment, dental bridges may not be the best way to replace a missing tooth anymore.

partial denture

What is the Difference Between Dental Implants and Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are not a permanent solution to missing teeth. They often get lost, need replacement or require constant adjustments to fit properly.


When you are missing a tooth you are also missing the root of that tooth. Over time, the jawbone will start to deteriorate, resulting in a sagging or hunched facial appearance.  Since dental implants replace the root as well as the crown, the surrounding jawbone is maintained, which better supports both aesthetics and function in the long-term. 

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