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I was born on August 8th, 1976 in Manhassett, NY. These are both very important facts to know in order to get to know me. For one, that makes me a Leo and a Leo I am. I am a true competitor in everything I get my hands on – from striving to add the most value into my patients' lives through the dental experience we give them to never giving up on the tennis or pickleball court..


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Secondly, I was born with a thick New York "sometimes thuggish sounding" accent that no matter how hard I try I just can't shake. Add my accent to the fact that I do not hesitate to speak my mind only like a true New Yorker does. I have held a few nicknames over the years, including Osh in my high school and Air Force days, Dr.O by my patients and staff, and Jamus to my family. Life looks different nowadays and in such a great way. Unfortunately, it did take a divorce but in hindsight I am grateful because I've become a better man, husband, dad, boss and leader for it. I have an amazing relationship with my 2 children in which I can be much more present for. I married the woman of my dreams in July 2023, and I gained 2 bonus daughters. I now have 3 GIRLS (I’m in BIG trouble) and my boy. I have named our blended family “The Jamie Bunch”. My pride and joy are teaching Arianna, Gia, Julian, and Maeve how to love, survive, and thrive in the trials of this world. Trust me, if you become a patient here, you will hear everything about my family. I don't have this overly compelling or wonderful story as to why I became a dentist, but I can truly say I am happy I did. The truth is my dad wanted all three of his sons to become doctors and in turn, he got two dentists and a chiropractor. I love what I do, not because I am the best dentist in the world (which I am close to being) but because my practice gives me the opportunity to help people achieve a better quality of life. I not only do this through my hands-on dentistry, but I love to coach, educate, and advise my patients, staff, and others as well – basically, whoever will appreciate what I have to teach. I am best known for my drive to succeed and the unique humor I add to pretty much anything I do. Life would be terribly boring if there was a definitive end to what you could accomplish if you couldn't laugh while doing it. I take pride in knowing how many people we employ in my practices Roselle Park Dental, Montague Dental, Bayville Dental Arts and coming soon Little Smiles of Montague. It is a great feeling and sense of accomplishment that gets reinforced on a daily basis whenever my staff or patients say how much they love being in the practice. Although I've come to realize you cannot please everyone, since my practice is a reflection of me, I take it extremely personally when someone is unsatisfied with the way things are run or with the effort I put into my work. This approach has been extremely instrumental to the happiness of all of us in the practice and hopefully it shows when we are at work. (Unless, of course, my staff is causing me agita!) Deep down, I always give people the benefit of the doubt and I always find myself rooting for the underdog. Maybe that is why I'm such an avid Jets fan. Man, will they ever win a Super Bowl again? Yes, I have Patriots' fans as patients. Here is a quick story for what I'm truly like. One night when I was in high school, right before my chorus recital (for the lucky ones who have been blessed by my singing, it's true I was in the chorus), there was a kid sitting by himself getting made fun of by some other kids. I felt compelled to sit next to this kid named Howie and befriend him. I did this because it was the right thing to do, and it makes me furious when people pick on other people that are different from them. If you ever get a chance to see me hit or kick the punching bag while training, you will now understand what predominantly fuels my fire.


Qualifications & Distinctions


  • Fellow of the International Association of Implant Dentistry (Considered an expert in implants by my peers)
  • Endodontics Award in Dental School (Top guy in class for root canals)
  • Northeast Board Certified
  • 2002 Graduate of New Jersey Dental School
  • Honorable Discharge for 3 Years of Dental Training in the US Air Force
  • US Air Force Short-Term Residency in Endodontics
  • US Air Force Short-Term Residency in Prosthodontics (Crowns and Bridges)
  • Certified in Implantology
  • Fellow in Implantology from California Implant Institute
  • Oral Conscious Sedation license in NJ
  • Fellow, Maser & Diplomate of International Congress of Oral Implantology
  • Member of DOCS (Doctors of Oral Conscious Sedation)
  • Association of American Implant Dentistry
  • AALD Member
  • 200+ Hours of Continuing Education per Year
  • Currently Trained to Be Board Certified in Implantology