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Root Canals at Bayville Dental Arts

tooth pain, woman holding her cheek

With the advancement of dental technology, root canals are not as scary as they used to be! And root canal treatment can help you preserve your natural teeth instead of having to get a tooth pulled.


Root canals can restore the health and function to your tooth so you will be able to maintain your newly treated tooth for a lifetime. If you need to get a root canal, please contact our office in Bayville, NJ or schedule an appointment today!

tooth pain, woman holding her cheek

How Do I Know if I Need a Root Canal?

Common indications that a root canal may be necessary :

  • If you have an abscess (or ‘pimple’) located on the gum

  • If you’re experiencing excessive sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures in a particular spot 

  • If you’re experiencing significant, disruptive pain in a certain tooth

  • If your gum tissue is overly tender to the touch or swollen in a particular spot

Please note that these are just some symptoms you may experience but sometimes, no noticeable symptoms are present. That’s why attending regular checkups at Bayville Dental Arts is so important to maintain your oral health.

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