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Embarrassed By Missing Teeth?

dental implant bridge, fixed bridge

If you are missing more than one tooth, dental implants may be the best option for you to restore your smile. If your bridge or partial won't stay in, a fixed bridge or implant-supported partial, can be a great solution. At Bayville Dental Arts, we are here to help you achieve your unique goals by creating a personalized treatment plan that fits your budget. Call us now or schedule a consultation with Dr. Oshidar to get started!

What is a Fixed Bridge/Partial?

partial denture

A fixed bridge consists of multiple attached custom crowns that securely and permanently attach to several placed implants. It is a comfortable solution to address the aesthetic and functional issues caused by the loss of multiple teeth. A fixed bridge does not require removal.  

If you are looking for a solution similar to the fixed bridge, but want the ability to remove the fixture for cleaning purposes, then we can create a custom removable implant-supported partial denture.

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