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I Want My Teeth Back

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Living with one or multiple missing teeth can have a devastating impact on your quality of life. Over time, it can negatively affect not just your psychological well-being, but also your overall health. It can negatively affect your ability to eat certain foods, speak clearly, and even smile with confidence. At Bayville Dental, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful and functional smile!

Are you missing teeth and living with these challenges? Now is the time to take action and we can help! Dr. Oshidar has been masterfully placing dental implants and performing the All On Four procedure for over eight years. He has restored thousands of smiles – making them beautiful, functional, and healthy again! Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Oshidar


How Do Teeth In A Day Work?

If you are living with multiple missing teeth, then teeth in a day could be the right solution for you! Our skilled team can perform a CT scan, create a custom crown, place the needed implants and permanently attach the appliance – all during just one appointment – and your new smile is completely functional when you walk out the door! Eighty-five percent of our patients leave after just one appointment with beautiful, well-designed, same day teeth.

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implant supported denture

Understanding Overdentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures require messy adhesive, and often lack stability causing slippage.  Overdentures, or implant-supported dentures, replace the whole arch of teeth with a customized prosthetic. This is a solution for the top or bottom arch, or the whole mouth, and offer a much more stable long term solution than traditional dentures. We can create these custom prosthetics to be permanent or removable depending on your needs and preference.

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How to Stabilize Your Existing Denture

If you are currently wearing traditional dentures that are in good condition, but want the benefits of implant-supported dentures, Dr. Oshidar may be able to retrofit your current dentures so they can attach to the new implants. Making even a small change like this can dramatically improve your quality of life!

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